TechnoGym Kinesis

Kinesis Personal is the ultimate in designer furnishing for wellness spaces.
It returns you to the origins of human movement, freeing you to re-discover the four fundamental physical abilities: endurance, balance, strength and flexibility.
Kinesis provides a unique workout that restores the right balance between mind and body, thereby helping to improve your quality of life.
The revolutionary feature is the patented "Fullgravity" design, inspired by nature and science to allow unrestricted, enjoyable movement and to attract more and more people to Wellness. KINESIS IS EASY TO USE.

Using the three handgrips in the ALPHA, BETA and GAMMA positions, more than 200 different exercises are possible without having to make any adjustments.
Specific muscles (chest, back, abs, glutes and quadriceps) are exercised in the standard movements whereas the combined movements work several different muscles synergistically at the same time (front and back kinetic chains, core and multi-chain).

Kinesis is the ideal solution for a unique, personalised workout. Being so versatile, there is scope for both standard and combined movements.

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